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Lab Analytics for one of the Largest Refineries in the World

Business Objective:

Increase in lab throughput and cost reduction through Lab Performance Analytics.

Key Solution:

  • Detailed LIMS data was ingested, KPIs were calculated and stored into a big data lake
  • Analysis of OTC and TAT for all requests, pending requests, completed and pending tests
  • Cost data is ingested from the financial system (non-LIMS data source). Across dimensions, the analysis tracks KPIs such as: total turnover cost, billed turnover cost, and unbilled turnover
  • Identifies high cost pools for potential cost reduction 
  • Benchmarking across labs – comparison of relative costs and TAT costs for tests performed in different labs 
  • Highlights “which” lab test is costing “what”, and which/where high margin tests should be performed to maximize ROI

Business Impacts & Outcomes:

  • Increased transparency and insights of lab performance
  • Improved operations workflow
  • Reduction of bottlenecks and costs