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Plant Asset Performance for a Large Chemicals Producer

Business Objective:

Get more value out of existing expensive assets by improving reliability and efficiency, and minimizing costs of running the equipment.

Key Solution:

  • The solution helped in early detection of incipient anomalies in a 17MW motor-driven centrifugal compressor
  • Forecasted remaining time of more than 10 weeks to fail of the compressor.
  • The solution also detected  compressor sub-system and the sub-system process parameter due to poor fluid properties as the primary cause of anomalies
  • It recommended options to increase sub-system process parameter or replace internal part of sub-system after What-if analysis
Business Impacts & Outcomes:
  • Reduced unplanned downtime, resulting in savings of millions of dollars due to production loss
  • Improved life of equipment as well as reduced labor and spare parts opex