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IoT Data Tracking for Population Clustering and Sacred-Place Facilities Management

Business Problem

  • Lack of a suitable environment monitoring system inside the mosques
  • A need was felt for a real-time event controlling system to save energy
  • Undertaking population clustering and analysis of the Zakah system


TCG Digital provided an advanced IoT-based mosque facilities management system and undertook population clustering analysis for the Zakah system

Project Impact and Outcomes 

Use Case I: Facilities Management

The IoT-based system helped the religious facility in the following ways:

  • Captured all mosque maintenance data like electricity, lighting, pressure, air quality, humidity, noise through IoT devices
  • Monitored mosque operational parameters on a pre-defined frequency
  • Predicted failure and maintenance issues
  • Monitored public movement using heat sensors

Use Case II: Population Clustering

  • Cluster analysis of the data from the Zakah collection system enabled valuable insights. The clusters were developed on several groups of data
  • The statistical analytics and services provided were on tcg mcube, TCG Digital’s indigenous COTS platform