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Recent Upgrades

Delving into the recent upgrades:

  • Enhanced Data Profiling: Helps check the quality of ingested data and improves the efficiency of widget development
  • Improved Data Lake: Ensures that petabytes of data is stored in a highly optimized and reduced storage infrastructure
  • Role-based Application Access: Empowers administrators to provide users with designated views of the dashboards and applications eliminating the need for multiple copies of data
  • New data export utility: Acts as a one-stop data export module allowing users to download authorized data from the Data Lake
  • Advanced log management: A centralized log management system (CLM) which activates as soon as the environment is ready, bolsters the monitoring environment and helps maintain system health

Value Proposition

tcg mcube 4.0 offers differentiated value to users by enabling:

  • Easy access to quality data
  • Smarter insights for a digital future 
  • High impact decision-making
  •  Innovation and automation