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Water Quality and Program Management Analytics for a Public Agency

Business Problem

  • Gaining insight into census data through slicing and dicing for better budgeting and planning
  • Active monitoring of operations through dashboards on Water Quality and Inventory Management
  • Performing self-service analytics for departmental controlling


TCG Digital provided automated dashboards for Water Quality and Program Management Analytics, Census Analysis, Head-Quarter Financial Analysis and Inventory Management

Project Impact and Outcomes

The dashboards proved beneficial to the agency in the following ways:

  • Integrated data from disparate sources of census data and other govt. data sources
  • Analyzed demographic spread statistics according to the geographical hierarchy
  • Provided advanced visualization like geo-referenced heat-maps
  • Highlighted key statistics on various parts of the operational lifecycle like Work Order Status in Indents to Delivery-Order, in Delivery-Order to Dispatch etc.
  • Included financial statistics such as budget allocation under major heads