Why is Enterprise Mobility Essential to Your Digitization Strategy ?

        Enterprise mobility and smartphones

Proliferation of smart phones is fueling the scorching pace of growth in Enterprise Mobility. But, that is not the only determinant. Enterprise mobility is an approach to workplace management whereby employees can do their jobs from anywhere by using a variety of devices and applications. For instance, an employee may upload a presentation from his/her desktop PC to a cloud storage service, and then access it from a personal Apple iPad to display at a client site. In a nutshell, smartphones or tablets may be the primary endpoint devices in today’s digital world. But, Enterprise Mobility goes way beyond that.


So how are enterprises adapting to mobility’s fast-evolving, innovation changes in mobility? (cloud computing, social software, mobile devices)


In this era of pervasive mobility, all enterprises are slowly adapting to the fast-evolving, innovation changes in mobility… albeit through varying phases of the transformation journey. The early starters have been reaping the benefits. However, the true potential has been realized by those  that only later jumped onto the mobility bandwagon. Regardless of the dynamics of change, the impact of Enterprise Mobility, in conjunction with related technology bursts in cloud, social media, and businesses, is all working to accelerate the evolving digital landscape.


Mobility Solutions that we offer to enterprises


Mobility can unleash significant value for businesses by redistributing work along the ecosystem, and by driving productivity and customer satisfaction. At TCG Digital, the current mobility solutions being offered not only empower users to conduct business and to collaborate from anywhere at any time, but they also deliver optimal, enterprise-wide impact. This is done by combining our deep industry and process knowledge with innovative and advanced technologies.


Our scalable, new, mobile offering, based on real-time audio-video streaming, is primarily targeted for the General Insurance business. In a faster and cost effective way, it serves as an accelerator to enable mobility-based solutions to seamlessly integrate with existing IT systems. Offered as a traditional or SaaS offering in the cloud, the platform connects the dots between an Enterprise and all its mobile stakeholders. Our kitty includes some big names from the Industry;  covering different areas of General Insurance like Auto, Commercials, and Agriculture. With the passage of time, a huge traction has been generated in the market around our solutions.  Some other industries benefiting from our mobility solutions are online retail and FMCG.


Going forward, our aims are to develop and to deploy mobility solutions which encompass strategy assessment and industry-specific accelerators, and which can be used across many other key vertical industries.


About TCG Digital


TCG Digital accelerates enterprise digital transformation with hyper-contemporary technologies, advanced analytics, data strategy, application development, mobility, RPA, cybersecurity, and IoT to deliver Velocity to Value


We are the flagship technology consulting and solutions company of “The Chatterjee Group”, a multi-billion dollar portfolio of corporations. This affiliation empowers us with access to global talent, subject matter expertise, and a ‘1,000 digital minds’. 


Our clients range from major global brands and large government entities, to small and mid-market companies; with a recognizable roster of enterprise logos. We differentiate through deep systems and sectoral knowledge, acute agility, impeccable quality, and ready ease-of-doing business.


Our mantra is simple: Velocity to Value – transformation acceleration for the digital enterprise to deliver rapid, measurable ROI through relentless innovation. Whether you are setting strategy, ready for implementation, or encountering technical drag, TCG Digital brings to bear talent, solutions, and highly performant platforms to catapult your business to successful, sustainable disruptions.