Enterprise Digital Transformation.

Unlock new opportunities with industry-oriented AI solutions.

Enterprise Digital Transformation.

Unlock new opportunities with industry-oriented AI solutions.

Who We Are

TCG Digital accelerates enterprise digital transformation with
hyper-contemporary technologies, advanced analytics, and data strategy to deliver
Velocity to Value. 

Our strength lies in our flexible and scalable solutions that are customized to the unique needs of each of our customers.

How We Impact


The decomplexity platform that maximizes the power of AI/ ML, Advanced Analytics, NLP, IoT, and Computer Vision for enterprises.


LabVantage Analytics is a full-featured, self-service, advanced analytics solution that enables you to explore, analyze, and visualize lab data.

Optimized cloud services to catalyze value-realization and accelerate innovation seamlessly.

For a global airline, we collaborated to develop the entire digital journey for ~100MM customers.

Innovative and customized analytics solutions to enable sustainable growth and competitive advantage for the insurance sector.

TCG Digital’s end-to-end digital transformation solutions allow analytics driven optimization of various plant operations.

CEO Speaks: Think Forward. Think tcg mcube.

Our CEO, Mr. Debdas Sen shares his thoughts on the new and enhanced tcg mcube. He sheds light on why enterprise clients, across the globe, are embracing tcg mcube to scale the analytics maturity curve and solve complex business problems. He further elucidates the unique capabilities of this low code, advanced analytics platform and how it is being used for rapid solutioning across sectors.

How We Provide Value

Leading edge of emerging technologies

AI, ML, Blockchain, RPA, IoT and others

Business value

Mobile, Cloud, and Big data Initiatives

Deep data science and analytics capabilities

Informed business decisions

Delivery innovation – Digital factories
Digital technologies

Domain specific

Diverse industries

How Our Clients Benefit

TCG Digital
Live monitoring and control of environmental/electrical signals
A government body required supervision of sensitive public spaces using IoT sensors.

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TCG Digital
Analytics-driven transformation of insurance value chain
For an F10 insurance player, we developed advanced analytics capability and solutions across the entire value chain to form integrated and unified systems.

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TCG Digital
Optimal pricing for an international retailer
A multi-category retailer wanted to identify the “right” price points for each SKU in a given market.

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Who We Partner With