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The Next-Gen AI Platform

Scalable | Secured | Flexible

The decomplexity platform that maximizes the power of
AI for enterprises

Data is the new asset for enterprises but merely having access to large volumes of disparate data does not prove to be effective. Value from this asset comes from the conversion of those different data sources into actionable insights through the analytics maturity curve and cutting-edge technologies. All this is done at a very high velocity.

Facing the Unknown: Current Challenges to Digital Transformation
  • Does it take too long to realize value from your technology investment?
  • Find it challenging to source the right talent who can help maximize the value of your data?
  • Do not have access to real-time, actionable data insights to make informed decisions?
  • Do you sense too much complexity when choosing the right technology for your business?

Explore tcgmcube – our state-of-the-art, advanced analytics platform that helps address these challenges
and empowers organizations to gain a sustainable competitive edge.

Key Differentiators

Intuitive and built for speed, tcgmcube enables enterprises to realize the true potential of data and unlock growth. The following aspects differentiate tcgmcube from other similar platforms:

Enables near-instant insights
  • Real-time Analytics for increased business agility
  • Write-back capability for seamless business process integration
Accelerates value realization
  • Pre-configured product built using proven technology components for faster deployment
  • Low-code AI enabled by an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
Bridges digital talent gap
  • Powerful self-service capabilities to democratize analytics and facilitate effective data management
  • Deep consulting capability across domains
Simplifies technology choices
  • Pre-built use cases to drive faster time to value
  • Integrated, adaptive, modular 360-degree platform embedded with AI/ML frameworks
tcgmcube – Empowering Enterprises to be Agile & Future-Ready.

Experience how this robust, scalable, and flexible end-to-end AI platform ingests, stores, and processes complex data to serve enterprises across various sectors. Know how tcgmcube unleashes the power of AI to unlock opportunities, grow your business, and redefine disruption.

Key Features

Intuitive Dashboards

With our intuitive dashboards and data models, users can navigate insights with ease, gain a holistic view of their business, and monitor performance.

Low-Code AI

Our drag-and-drop functionalities help users accelerate application development while they cut cost, achieve quicker time-to-market, and provide better results.

Interactive Visualization Library

Provides users with access to 23 widgets and 500+ customization options, which help them create reports in desired formats.

Pre-built AI/ML Libraries

Enables users to integrate software and models without writing complex code, which saves development time and the implementation effort involved.

Master Data Management Utilities

With this feature users can gather valuable insights from their data before they start visualizing it.

Real-time Data Analysis

Helps users to see, analyze, and quickly understand data, which leads to cost efficiencies, faster response time, and more informed decisions.

With tcgmcube our customers
can better serve their customers.

IoT data on tcgmcube

Live monitoring and control of environmental/electrical signals generated by IoT devices
A government body required supervision of sensitive public spaces using IoT sensors. All of this would help drive crowd-tracking, environment, and other key public-sector metrics.

Our solution

tcgmcube – The end-to-end Analytics platform was tailored and designed to ingest all maintenance-related data like electricity, water, lighting, and pressure through intelligent IoT devices that were installed at all key areas inside the defined space. The comprehensive solution enabled seamless, end-to-end transmission of data from these devices and processed them for actionable insights by:

  1. Creating a single source of truth/centralized data lake for all IoT streams
  2. Monitoring operational parameters on a pre-defined frequency basis using intelligent, pre-built algorithms that helped identify deviations from expected behavior as soon as they would happen
  3. Reducing costs using data captured from people and from luminosity IoT devices, which controlled the opening and closing of light switches and devices
  4. Monitoring public movement using heat sensors applied at all prominent places and by managing traffic in high density areas


  • Improved crowd management
  • Optimized electricity and device usage
  • Improved oversight