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As society and government grow more complex today, so do the administrative and community problems that need to be solved. Leaders often struggle to integrate this complexity into strategy, policy, and execution while trying to keep pace with digital disruption. Data that government organizations need to drive digital transformation is contained in their legacy systems. Hence, analyzing information to address the needs of the citizens becomes a daunting task. The need of the hour is an intuitive and resilient platform which brings the disparate data sources together, enabling easy integration and interpretation.

Why TCG Digital

TCG Digital’s advanced analytics solution, tcgmcube helps glean actionable insights from data enabling informed decision-making. This powerful 360° analytics platform is built on modern technologies to empower government analytics. It helps leverage the available data (structured or unstructured, including streaming data if available) from all source systems to generate a single view, run reports, analyze pertinent issues, and predict trends to strategize prescriptive measures. 

Combined with deep expertise in government system deployments our team of consultants, data scientists, and engineers help achieve optimum levels of operational efficiency, performance, and data-driven results. The constant endeavor is to drive you towards tech and data-led innovations which we understand is imperative for successful governance.

We adopt a four-phased approach to enable data-driven decision making for smart governance. The steps involve:

How We Can Help

KPI Monitoring

KPI’s which vary across departments help determine whether the inputs, outputs, and outcomes of several government programs are aligned with the overall mission and goals. One of the key elements of data-driven governance is KPI Monitoring. Our in-depth knowledge and expertise in advanced analytics play a critical role here and enable governments to:  

  • Identify the important KPIs and ensure they are measurable
  • Determine existing and potential trends and patterns
  • Measure variance with the plan and drive policy corrections
  • Measure and track outcomes and consecutively fine-tune the KPI’s based on results

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