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Accelerate Your AWS Adoption

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AWS Migration Services

Accelerate your cloud adoption by migrating your infrastructure and applications to AWS without disrupting your business.

Accelerate Your AWS Adoption

From reducing IT costs to nearly limitless scalability, there are many compelling reasons to embark on a cloud migration journey. However, making the transition is not easy without thorough planning and careful execution. Partnering with the AWS cloud migration experts from TCG Digital can maximize your cost savings, business agility, and performance on the cloud.

The 3-Step Approach to Cloud Migration

Each cloud migration project varies based on the needs of the organization embarking on the endeavor. TCG Digital follows the best practices of the AWS Migration Acceleration Program (MAP) when it comes to migration.

Why Choose TCG Digital
as Your Cloud Migration Consulting Partner?

Tried-and-True Migration Process

Our established AWS migration process enables us to move your applications and workloads to the cloud quickly, efficiently, and affordably. We partner with your organization to guide you through every stage of the migration process – from the initial strategic roadmap all the way through the final cutover to your new environment.

Multiple Applications Successfully Migrated to AWS

We’ve earned the AWS Migration Competency based on our extensive experience spanning multiple successful migrations to AWS from on-premises environments, hosting facilities, and other public cloud providers. Our cloud migration services leverage the latest cutting-edge tools and technology provided by AWS, as well as our own expert DevOps engineers and developers, to ensure that your migration is completed smoothly without disruption to your services.

Achieve more with TCG Digital and AWS

Reduce Operational Costs

Free up resources and lower your overall IT costs through pay-as-you-go pricing, volume-based discounts, and fully managed services.

Increase Business Agility
Accelerate innovation, decrease time to market, drive business value, and boost productivity by deploying apps and services designed for the cloud.
Reduce Risk by Increasing Security
Implement the security policies, governance, and compliance guardrails you need with built-in AWS security tools and features.

Watch our Chief Architect, explore TCG Digital’s Accelerator for Event Handling and Integration Platform. Powered by tcgmcube and running on the AWS Cloud, this platform features an information exchange gateway built on Amazon Event Bridge service and uses Amazon Comprehend for context validation. The framework also includes various aggregators and views for customized dashboards and reports, all based on queries directed to the data stores.


Our Success Stories

United Airlines, Inc, is a major American airline headquartered in Willis Tower, Chicago…
CommuteAir is a modern regional airline and United Express partner supporting the global United Airlines network in the United States…
United Airlines, Inc
United Airlines, Inc, is a major American airline headquartered in Willis Tower, Chicago. United operates a large domestic and international route network spanning spanning large and small cities across the United States and al six inhabited continents. United was looking to migrate their legacy FLIFO system to AWS. Their legacy system had technology limitations.

This legacy application was migrated to AWS and modernized using AWS native services. A centralized rules platform was created. All data were migrated to AWS resulting in a single source of truth and eliminating data inconsistencies in the process. All manual processes that were error prone were automated on AWS ensuring the reliability of the application.

This migration ensured a lower annual maintenance costs. It resulted in lower Opex costs by reducing dedicated Unimatic support. Leveraging modern technology led to more flexibility to improve on business processes (Ramp, Cargo etc.). There was an increase efficiency – speed to market for changing business needs. Even small changes used to take a long time to implement due to limited resources and unavailability of tools and utilities to implement quickly. It reduced delays and cancellations due to complexity of Unimatic commands, prone to mistakes that eventually caused delays and cancellations.
Commute Air
CommuteAir is a modern regional airline and United Express partner supporting the global United Airlines network in the United States and Canada. Operating with hubs in Denver, Houston, and Washington Dulles and maintenance bases in Lincoln and Albany, they bring a heightened level of professionalism and distinction to the airline industry. CommuteAir had several applications as part of their messaging platform running on their on-premise datacenter. All these applications were tightly coupled. This resulted in the applications being error prone and a maintenance nightmare.They engaged TCG Digital to migrate and modernize this application on AWS.

TCG Digital did an extensive assessment for this migration. We discovered opportunities for refactoring and decoupling the applications using cloud native microservices. This migration is a combination of Replatform and Refactor strategies. The servers that were running licensed software were re-platformed. The application database was migrated to DynamoDB. The other components of the application were re-architected using AWS native services. Code Pipelines were created to automate the build and deploy process.

The migration resulted in automating all the manual processes. Microservices architecture de-coupled the applications. Each of the applications had its own set of services and could be deployed and scaled independently. Serverless components and containers resulted in considerable cost savings. The minimum number of instances that were required were provisioned using the reserved pricing model. A notification framework was created using SNS that raised real time alerts and delivered those to inboxes of support personnel.