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Environmental Pledge

TCG Digital is dedicated to improving the global condition through meaningful action in sustainability and climate initiatives. The company’s founding principles, established over two decades ago, emphasize prioritizing long-term impact while also maintaining flexibility to adapt as needed. TCG Digital remains committed to making a lasting difference by actively engaging in sustainable practices for the betterment of our planet and future generations.

As a software company that does not manufacture physical products, we have a relatively low energy and utility consumption associated with our business operations and practices. TCG Digital holds an ISO 27001 certification and is dedicated to the corresponding sustainability initiatives, reflecting our dedication to responsible resource management. We abide by the Clauses and Controls related to protecting against physical and environmental threats (Control 7.5), Threat Intelligence (Control 5.7) etc. We address Risk and Opportunities perform RA / RT (Risk Assessment and Risk Treatment Plan) for any ESG related issue.

Take a data-driven approach to
building a more sustainable, resilient, and profitable business.

We help our clients develop innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the evolving demands of their clients and regulators, to achieve ambitious ESG goals.

While we make every reasonable attempt to reduce our own environmental footprint, TCG Digital believes our most significant positive climate impact comes through the work we enable for our customers and partners using our product “Digital Decarb".

In this “product-first” approach to environment and sustainability, the impact is orders of magnitude greater than TCG Digital’s could ever be alone, through empowering our customers to reduce their own greenhouse gas footprint or create cutting-edge solutions for a carbon neutral future.

With "Digital Decarb"
TCG Digital can help the clients in the following ways

  • Real-time monitoring and heat-map analysis of Scope 1 & 2 emissions / energy consumption
  • Identify opportunities for reducing emission and energy optimizations
  • Prioritizing areas for improvement and hotspots notification alarms
  • Emission and energy breakdowns analysis
  • Assisting users in doing Benchmarking analysis
  • Real time optimization of emissions to reduce carbon footprint and associated carbon taxes
  • Automated reporting system

TCG Digital is committed to work toward the following environmental policies and procedures
across its global operations

  • All our servers are on cloud and are never “always-on”
  • All lights are LED in the office premises
  • Maximize utilization of natural lights
  • Optimized use of AC at office locations
  • State of the art solar panels on all office rooftops
  • Sensor based plumbing to minimize water wastage
  • Work from home policy to minimize contribution to air pollution
  • Limited parking spots to encourage car-pooling for better control over Scope 3 emissions