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Trust your data with confidence with our Generative AI Solution

Reduce uncertainties and hallucinations
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Intelligent Natural Language Search
for the Enterprise

TCG Digital’s Generative AI-enabled Intelligent RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) revolutionizes enterprise knowledge search. By integrating TCG Digital’s Embedding algorithms, Large Language Models (LLM) and referencing algorithm, this dynamic trio introduces inventive solutions to enhance knowledge retrieval and content generation, concurrently reducing instances of hallucinations.

Fast, reliable, and cost-effective content generation

TCG Digital’s Generative AI features personalized LLM RAG designed to cater to internal knowledge bases,

and direct data interaction, delivering rapid insights.

Powered by Generative AI, the Intelligent RAG has unique impact across specific sectors. RAG is reshaping the space of life sciences by smartly retrieving and generating relevant information to facilitate drug discovery and genomics research. Whereas in aviation, RAG is an integral part of designing innovative components and streamlining maintenance procedures. RAG introduces unparalleled precision and reliability, transforming business operations across different sectors.

Customized LLM RAG model trained on client internal knowledge base unlike LLMs on public data

Direct interaction with data unlike classical knowledge management systems, making it easier to locate document and data within

Custom algorithm facilitates access to internal database, highly contextual answers and referenceability

Customization power from LangChain to handle domain-specific contexts, unique tasks, and industry jargons

Custom algorithms facilitate access to internal databases, highly contextual answers and reference ability
decreases hallucinations and increases confidence and certainty.

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