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Digital Transformation

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Data-driven transformation

Digital transformation is the realignment of, or new investment in, technology and business models. Thereby, we more effectively engage digital customers at every touch-point in the customer experience lifecycle

Technology innovation is increasingly driving business opportunity, and innovation is driven jointly by business and IT. While digital technologies open new possibilities, they pose a dizzying array of questions. Our job is to help you address those questions and to guide you towards taking advantage of such opportunities.

Our value proposition

  • Velocity to value… by rapidly delivering measurable, innovative, and transformative solutions across multiple digital channels
  • Speed to insights… by using deep analytics and data-science capabilities infused into all service offerings
  • Minimize digital blind spots… by applying deep domain, functional, and technical expertise
  • Digital factory and “as-a-service” models… allow for rapid scale-up

Digital strategy

To fully achieve successful digital transformation, companies must build a digital vision and strategy. They also need to create an information architecture to guide technology choices and to fully leverage investments.

Today, digital forces are reshaping five key domains of strategy:

  • Customers: Customers are shifting from mass market to dynamic networks. Seamless, omnichannel touchpoints to stay connected with your customers,  through every step of their journey, are essential.
  • Competition: The boundaries between industries are becoming fluid, and digital technologies are causing disruptions both in traditional partnerships and in supply chains.
  • Data: Today, we are facing a deluge of data and an increasing number of digital touchpoints. Data has to be transformed into valuable assets for your organization.
  • Innovation: As digital technologies make it easier and faster to test ideas, we believe in adopting an agile, start-up-like approach to innovation and experimentation, and to facilitate new ideas across your organization.
  • Value: The traditional value propositions of companies are getting disrupted by new players. It is important to take a path of constant evolution; leveraging new digital technologies to improve the value propositions to customers.

Our offerings help you to objectively: assess your current state; create your future vision; identify systemic gaps; and structure your digital transformation initiatives along the four tracks of: people, process, technology, and content.

Digital platform modernization

Mobility Solutions

We develop native, mobile applications across all operating systems, as well as enhancements to your existing applications to satisfy...

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Robotic Process Automation

RPA technology is an important driver in the digital transformation journey. RPA and IRPA are revolutionizing existing methodologies...

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API fication

This is a core building block of digital business. It's important to serve an enterprise's internal and external needs, especially if there are conflicting goals of governance and security.

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IoT Platform Integration

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vast multitude of sensors and devices that are found in most machines within factories or..

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Application Development

Based on present, as well as potential market requirements, we build and adopt industry specific..

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Cloud Adoption

Cloud Adoption is a strategic move by organizations to reduce costs and to achieve scalability.

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DevOps & SysOps

DevOps or DevSecOps is a strategic move by project teams to implement code build, code test, and code deployment...

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We provide clients with a proper framework layout to adopt micro services. It is possible to try out a new technology stack...

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Digital factory

Today, strong operational capabilities are a pre-requisite for delivering exceptional digital experience for your customers. For many companies, the scale and pace of internal digital transformation poses a serious challenge.


TCG Digital offers a catalog, tailored to your needs, of Digital Factory and as-a-service models for your organization. Our solution allows your senior leadership teams to by-pass the organizational silos and challenges, and to fast-track your digital journey… whether you are just embarking, or well on the way.

Our Value Proposition

  • Agile, digital, cross-functional pods
  • Specialized, factory models like: User Experience Factory, Cloud Factory, and Mobility Factory
  • Application of methodologies such as: design thinking; zero-based process re-engineering; and agile software development
  • Application of a data-driven analytical approach to: innovation; prototyping; experimentation; and scaling-up from MVP to enterprise-level implementation.

All is backed by the right amount of digital governance to optimize your ROI. 

We develop native, mobile applications across all operating systems, as well as enhancements to your existing applications, to satisfy business-specific requirements. Additionally, our wide range of ready-to-deploy mobility solutions can be easily customized and implemented to ensure quicker benefits and ROI.


WEDGE, our proprietary, enterprise mobility platform, with rich features and flexible architecture, acts as an accelerator to enable mobility-based solutions to seamlessly integrate with IT systems; in a faster and cost effective way. Offered as a traditional or SaaS offering in the cloud, WEDGE connects the dots between an Enterprise and all its mobile stakeholders. Anytime!Anywhere!


Some of the ready-to-deploy mobility solutions of TCG Digital include:

Enterprise Mobility for the Insurance Industry:
 The insurance sector is trying to maintain a balance between underwriting, claims and processing costs, and client satisfaction levels. Absence of scrutiny can lead to revenue leakage.


Our real-time, low bandwidth, video-audio solution empowered by WEDGE – the proprietary mobility platform of TCG Digital, can be customized and integrated with any existing application of your company. It ensures quality and effective insurance and claim assessment. This can be applied to auto insurance, property insurance, cargo, and other general insurance services.

Robotic Process Automation technology is an important driver in the digital transformation journey. Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) are revolutionizing the methodologies used by organizations to embrace digital transformation. TCG has been building competencies around RPA and IPA across the globe.

How will you benefit from RPA?


  • Improved and effective business outcomes
  • Reduced response time and error rates
  • Increased adherence to compliance standards
  • Higher scalability
  • Improved people performance
  • Proactive risk management

Which processes are good candidates for RPA?


  • Highly manual and repetitive processes
  • Rule-based processes
  • Processes with standard, readable, electronic input
  • High volumes
  • Changeable processing method or system change
  • Mature and stable processes

Our three-phased methodology for RPA:

The typical 3 step approach for RPA implementation:


  1. PoC to study the selected processes and activities; validate the applicability and feasibility of RPA/ IPA
  2. Pilot additional processes and activities with a parallel set-up of governance and roll-out plans
  3. Roll-out the Robotics Factory for all relevant business processes and hand over to the customer

A core building block of a digital business




  • It’s important to serve an enterprise’s internal and external needs; especially if there are conflicting goals of governance and security.

  • Application teams can add new features, such as microservices, and can plug them into existing applications without touching the existing codebase.

  • It helps to create new business models without causing disruption in the existing business services.

  • It provides support agility in development, delivery, operations, and support teams.

  • It adjusts to the elasticity of the demand; often through cloud (public or private). 

  • It leverages the existing assets in infrastructure processes, and it uses suitable/small business cases to support selective transformations.

Value Delivered through API fication


  • TCG Digital helps to develop an API Fication strategy and roadmap; including selection of an API Management tool, set-up of productivity metrics, and ROI models.

  • We deliver the deployment solution, establish governance framework, and address IT and security concerns.

  • We help in building API monitoring and API performance tuning. We continually optimize and enhance the API eco-system; along with managing the clients’ API infrastructure. 
  • The IoT is a vast multitude of sensors and devices. They are found in most machines within factories, or even consumer objects like smart refrigerators or motor vehicles.
  • They can connect to a network and can exchange information about the performance, health, and events occurring within the machine environment.
  • IoT Analytics involves the application of data analysis tools and procedures to realize value from huge volumes of data generated by multiple IoT devices.

The tcg mcube platform provides a sound framework for carrying out IoT analytics. The following aspects of the platform are relevant to  IoT Analytics use cases:

  • Dealing with large volumes of data being transmitted through hundreds/thousands of devices: 
    tcg mcube comes with a scalable, big data store (on-cloud or on-premise) to accommodate the data from all IoT devices
  • Ingesting streaming data required for real-time event detection and response:
    tcg mcube comes with a horizontally-scalable stream and a buffering layer. This ensures that despite peaks/ lows in the data packet flows, there is no loss of information within the storage and analytics subsystem
  • Providing high performance computing that is needed for real time response to IoT events:
    tcg mcube’s architecture incorporates scalable, distributed storage, and computing capability. This enables incoming data streams to be fed into complex AI/ML algorithms and to deliver real-time responses and visualizations

Some Applied Use Cases for IoT Analytics


  • Control lighting and air conditioning blower in Smart auditoriums 
    Machine learning, combined with inputs from brightness sensors, temperature sensors, and motion sensors, are able to transmit commands back to lighting switches. The switches control the light distribution and the air circulation within the auditorium.
  • Process yield optimization modelling using sensor data from flow process manufacturing
    The Distributed Control System (DCS) at a process manufacturing plant is continuously fed in-process data from sensors for: flow measurement; temperature; moisture content; input/ throughput weights; and volumes; etc. The analytics infrastructure reads a “historized” snapshot of this data. The historical in-process parameters yield quality indicators that are available for the produced batches, and they are used for modelling the ideal conditions to maximize yield.



  • Customized offerings: Based on present as well as potential market requirements, we build and adopt industry-specific or technology-driven solution offerings. The offerings are supported by strong approach roadmaps, as well as robust and tightly-coupled methodologies to enhance implementation effectiveness of the end solution.
  • Knowledge and asset management: To enhance productivity on partner technologies, deployment strategy, and efficient best-practices, our competency team captures, builds, disseminates and leverages technical expertise. It also maintains and manages knowledge-based assets like: re-usable technology frameworks; process documents; project artifacts; project profiles; capability credentials; technical documents; and resource trackers, etc.
  • Demo center: TCG Digital creates packaged demos, prototypes, and proofs of concept that are aligned either to industry-specific business cases, or to technology-specific competencies in order to showcase the business value of offered solutions.
  • Best practices: Our DevOps framework uses CI/CD best practices, agile and incremental delivery approach, project tracking, and governance. Interim review by cross-project leads/members; training of developers prior to project on-boarding; and active review of the standards by the competency leads, all ensure that robust and bug-free code is delivered.

Service Offerings


Consulting Services


  • Strategy and Road Map Definition

  • Product Evaluation

  • Portfolio Capability Assessment

  • Blueprint Creation and Architecture Definition

  • Application Assessment

  • Architecture Adoption and Migration

  • Solutioning Strategy Consulting

Implementation Services


  • Design, Development, Test, Deployment and Maintenance

  • Solutioning and Package Implementation

  • Program/Project Management

  • Application Development

Re-engineering Services


  • Application Migration and Upgradation

  • Adopt New Architecture and Framework to Scale-up Application Performance and Load

  • Appserver/ Container Upgrade and Application Integration

Support Services


  • Post-implementation Warranty Support

  • L1, L2 and L3 Support (incident management, problem management, change management, release management and process management)

  • Proactive Monitoring and Preventive Maintenance

  • Expert Troubleshooting

Accelerator to gen-next digital application




  • Cloud adoption is a strategic move by organizations for reducing costs and achieving scalability of applications.

  • Cloud adoption may be implemented up to various degrees in an organization.

  • It’s important to understand and to assess various compliance and checks before implementing cloud adoption.

  • Controlled adoption is achieved by applying phase-wise enhancement: Code-base; building pipeline; and deploying pipeline.

Value Delivered through Cloud Adoption


  • TCG Digital helps clients to assess the existing system, in-terms of application and infrastructure, and to provide a roadmap for cloud adoption.

  • We deliver cloud adoption through small PoCs as per the existing client environment. We optimize the roadmap of full adoption by defining a factory framework that would accelerate the speed of cloud implementation; resulting in maximum ROI.

  • TCG Digital delivers a platform-agnostic cloud adoption process so that clients can switch to any cloud vendor with minimum vendor locking.



  • DevOps or DevSecOps is a strategic move by project teams to implement code build, code test, and code deployment, within the least possible timeline. This results in faster, go-to-market goals.

  • In a typical project environment, development happens in a different zone/geography. Given the geographical dispersions,  DevOps not only ensures delivery agility, but it also brings different developers together under one umbrella.

  • This technology helps to minimize defects through early detection.

Value Delivered on DevOps and SysOps


  • Provide clients with guidelines, tools, frameworks, and resources to adopt  DevOps practices

  • Ensure that clients achieve phased delivery to automate and to provide continuous delivery by using the DevOps/SysOps pipeline

  • Help clients to adopt solutions that may require complex application configurations and hardware details

  • Use our experience in building DevOps and SysOps pipeline so that clients can benefit from semi-automated to fully automated project delivery management



  • The implementation of microservices technology eliminates long-term commitment to a single technology stack. It is possible to try out a new technology stack on individual microservices.

  • There is a need to leverage key assets and services without compromising agility and customer centricity. 

  • Applications can remain largely unaffected by the failure of a single module.

  • Individual microservice can be scaled independently if demand for a particular service is temporarily increased.

  • Microservices are designed to be resilient, which means improved service availability and uninterrupted user experience.

Value Delivered through Microservices


  • Provides the client with a proper framework layout to adopt the Microservice

  • Enables developers to generate the entire project by providing only the request and response JSON schema

  • Adopts different best practices to develop Microservices for Cloud or Data centric deployment

  • Helps build the client Service/App Mesh, API Gateway containerize, and container orchestration