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Expediting Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials (In Clinical Trials)
Objective: How to leverage data science and technology to develop a patient recruitment application for expediting the patient matches to clinical trials and vice versa

Key Challenges:

  • Multiple data silos
  • Lack of format standardization in protocol documents
  • Lack of a consolidated patient database


  • Leverage Text mining and NLP to extract protocol information
  • Extract inclusion and exclusion criteria from trial repository
  • Extract primary and secondary objectives from trial repository
  • Extract identified patient data from EMR extracts
  • Build a central matching engine to match trial criteria with patient characteristics


  • Enable Pharma companies to quickly identify potential patient pools to expedite recruitment timelines
  • Enable physicians to quickly search for and recommend appropriate trials for their patients such that there is a high probability of the patient getting selected in the trial
  • Expedite timelines, save costs and increase the access to experimental therapy