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Enabling Video-based Contact Center for one of the largest general insurance companies in India


Experience being a key differentiator for the general insurance industry, the companies need to address customer grievances with great care. The general insurance companies address the grievances either by sending an agent to their customers’ locations or, in case of complaints, the customers may decide to call the contact center or visit the office.

Our client, being one of the leading general insurance companies in India, wanted to ensure that its contact center was more strategic and impactful. It wanted to leverage advanced technologies to interact more seamlessly with its customers.


Given the stiff competition, the consumers’ rapidly rising expectations also demanded seamless omnichannel experiences. Often the degree to which an insurance company shows empathy becomes critical in defining the customer experience. For this, face-to-face interactions were critical. However, it was often time-consuming for a customer to visit the insurance company’s office. The distance was also a challenge for many. It was also observed that, at times, unscrupulous agents interacted inappropriately with the customers and demonstrated misconduct, which resulted in customer dissatisfaction.


To help address these challenges, TCG Digital deployed/implemented tcgmcube mobility, a video-streaming based solution for the general insurance company. It enabled the client to perform live inspections and interact with their customers remotely. It also enabled them to gauge the customer sentiment in real-time. All video sessions could be saved with geo-location and timestamp for future reference. Necessary still-pictures could also be taken as per the requirement. 

Additionally, the platform enabled self-inspection, where the customer could engage in live video chats through a browser-based interface with a contact center agent. A URL would be sent to the policy holder on runtime through a text message from tcgmcube mobility. The customer would then just click on it using a smart phone and chat seamlessly with an agent over video. 

Benefits / Impacts:

  • The customer of the general insurance company did not have to pay visits to the office in-person, which saved both time and money
  • Clear and concise conversations were made possible through video chats, which helped build a rapport and improved customer interactions
  • The insurance company could manage agent activities more effectively, improving the claims process, increasing conversion rates, and enhancing the overall service quality
  • The insurance company could save the cost of sending an agent to the spot, which in turn, helped lower the total cost of claims processing